About Us

About Us

Our Mission is to transform the workforce pipeline so that it is helpful in finding talented workers that meet future workforce needs. We want every student to have the opportunity to have access to affordable business recommended career pathways that lead to sustainable careers.

Meet the Team

As parents and educators, we wholeheartedly believe students shouldn't waste their time and money on the programs with no future earning potential. Our collective work supports this mission.


Kathleen Houlihan

Founder & CEO

Kathy has a passion for creating work-learn synergies so every student succeeds.

Headshot Barbara Moran

Barbara Moran

Vice President

With more than 35 years of experience in education, Barb brings an insightful and positive attitude to the team.

Dream2Career's CTO, Susan Pritchard

Susan Pritchard


Sue has the ability to troubleshoot tech problems and develop the most efficient cost-effective solutions.

Headshot Henry Han Dream2Career COO

Henry Han


Henry brings a strong Accounting and Finance background to the team along with a passion for helping students find their individual purpose in life. 

Our Story

The D2C project began in 2015 with a professor's vision and with the help of her students. In the past, many students enrolled in 4-year colleges because they didn't know what else to do after high school. Many graduates felt that their education did not adequately prepare them for the high demand and emerging industry jobs that existed in their communities. Recently, businesses and educators started working more closely together on work-learn programs so that students would be able to make informed decisions before they waste time on the wrong training programs.

Dream2Career was created as an intermediary; to share useful work-learn information with communities. 

We've worked with many great leaders along the way who have helped to shape Dream2Career's mission. We have a 4-Pronged Solution and the D2C Directory serves as an educational tool that helps to organize and promote businesses' work-learn projects. 


Find your career pathway and live the life you've always wanted!

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