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cropped-virus-3.jpgMost students would benefit greatly from industry insights and expertise as they develop and come to understand the world around them. It is our responsibility to help students in our communities to succeed and become productive in the world of work.

Here are four effective ways that businesses can get involved with youth development:
Defenders of Potential 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s (BBBS) new slogan is “Defenders of Potential.” This message resonates because many young people become lost when they don’t have anyone to turn to for guidance.  Young people who lack direction feel hopelessness and often turn to drugs and violence because they feel that they have nothing to lose when there is no avenue to ponder about their potential for a bright future. According to BBBS, there are 8.5 million students who need mentors. Organizations can help students develop to their full potential by joining this important cause.
Live It Up with Year Up
There are approximately 250 companies who participate in the Year Up program. Year Up works with businesses to offer work-learn opportunities in the form of 6-month internships to underprivileged students.  These students learn skills and gain experience leading to meaningful careers.  Because of the low unemployment rate, businesses are finding creative ways to fill entry-level job vacancies. Research reports a significant increase in productivity and employee retention from businesses that use the work-learn model. Programs like Year Up are spreading in cities across the nation. If this seems like a good fit for your industry reach out.
Entrepreneurial Communities Provide an Ecosystem for Growth
It is important to consider entrepreneurship as a viable option for youth. Incubators of all sorts are a growing national trend. One of the best examples offering startup guidance is the Y-Combinator.  In addition to offering businesses the opportunity to create  “Startup Schools,” Y-Combinator contributes seed money and it provides an alternative-learning pathway for students with innovative ideas. Y-Combinator has a strong network in Silicon Valley and they are responsible for assisting over 1,900 startups including notable companies such as Airbnb and Stripe. A mature business may find it mutually beneficial to help students while injecting innovation into its current business strategy and Y-Combinator can help to facilitate this process.

cropped-notebook-405755_1920-2.jpgStructure For the Chaos 

In reality, there are far too many ways to list how students can benefit from business-led work-learn opportunities. Fortunately, Dream2Career transformed the workforce pipeline so students can access affordable business-recommended career pathways that lead to sustainable careers. Businesses that offer mentorship, internships, job shadowing, boot camps, incubators or who have industry training recommendations for young people can create a business directory listing for $299 per year in the D2C Directory.  This educational tool helps students locate regional work-based learning programs that match their career aspirations. This workforce solution not only helps students flourish when they find information about emerging industries, but it helps businesses access skilled labor to fill vacant positions.
Businesses support communities in so many ways but there is nothing more important or as rewarding as supporting the development of a child.

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